Believe in your # SELFIE with Ma Durga

Punjabi Sabha is organising an event in the form of MDC 2021 - Selfie Contest to bring our fraternity people together. VENUE : Validity: from 04 Sep 2021 to 03 Oct 2021 Result : Will be announced on 10 Oct 2021 Elgibility : All MATA DEVOTEES Topic for MDC SELFIE Competition... 1. Ma Durga 2. Navratre Each participant can send maximum two pics of self or with friends, with family. One must use the backdrop in such a way that it should compliment your theme. You also need to write one line about your theme in Hindi , English or Punjabi Jury will decide the winners based on the selfie which should justify the theme by the explanation/ slogan etc. A maximum of 15 words can be used to describe your theme. There will be three prizes which will be sent to the winners. Jury decision will be final. All the selfie pics will be uploaded on website for everyone to view. Lets start thinking and innovating something new for MDC SELFIE. MATA WILL BLESS YOU ALL

Helpdesk : +91 7760337337
Ticket Helpdesk : +91 6366623111

Start From
10-09-2021 12:01 AM
End On
08-10-2021 11:59 PM